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Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Al Lolio, I'm president and owner of Lolio Consulting. If you should need any help I work locally in the Queen Creek/Gilbert/Chandler area, offering on site support of your computer and technology needs. I'd be glad to stop by your office or your home. I have been working with computers for 30+ years. I have worked on mainframes, minis, and personal computers. My first personal computer was a Kaypro II, weighed 22 lbs, 2 5 1/2" disk drives, one for programs and one for data. The Kaypro II had a 9" monochrome screen, the operating system was CPM. My professional career included building high tech labs for the governmment, working on many government projects like the Trident program, SPAWRS and the Naval War College. When I retired at age 49, I was the CIO of a high tech company. I have recently retired to Arizona from the Washington, DC area.